A Smile Changing Experience.

Team of Orthodontists

Your treatment is planned by our highly experienced and certified team of Orthodontist who will map out the entire process including foreseen teeth movements and formulate how long would the treatment be hence: the number of sets that will be needed to get the desired result.

how it works.


Make an appointment with us. Your teeth will be examined closely with the help of a 3D Dental Scanner in order to assess each side of your teeth and to examine your overall oral health.


Our orthodontists team will then develop your digital treatment plan - the way your teeth will move and the techniques that would be used to move them to their desired position. The treatment plan would then be shared with you & you’ll be able to witness all the movements that would lead to your projected smile even before the treatment begins! How amazing is that!🤩


As soon as your aligners are prepared, our doctors would assure they’re of the right fit and would also provide you with instructions based on your treatment plan and the basic Aligno Dos and Don’ts.
All you’ve got to do is to follow those instructions and wear your aligners 22/7 to achieve that perfect smile of yours.

All you can EAT.

No dietary restrictions!

We’re here to treat your Malocclusions.

Some common orthodontic issues that can be treated with Aligno Clear Aligners.


Biting on the inside of the lower teeth, cross-bite can lead to wearing of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss.


Speech impairment and painful chewing are the main causes of open-bite. A greater risk that comes along with this is temporomandibular joint disorder.


An overjet is when the upper teeth protrude outward and sit over the bottom teeth. Having an overjet doesn't only affect your appearance but can also cause difficulty in chewing, drinking, and biting. It may even cause jaw pain.


Increased plaque, tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease, to name a few, leading to sever crooked teeth are serious damages inevitable if crowded teeth aren’t treated on time.


Lack of protection of the gum due to spacing can lead to gum problems e.g. increased risk of periodontal disease


An underbite is a term for a dental condition characterized by lower teeth that extend outward farther than the upper front teeth. This condition is also called a Class III malocclusion or prognathism.