Multi Layer Material

Aligno’s multi-layer Clear Aligners engineered to provide effective tooth movement, generates 36% less initial force to cause less pain to patient and gradually increases retention to 120% by the end of the first week of wearing leading to a smooth transition for the patient to adapt to the treatment.

Precision Fit

Our State-of-Art digital manufacturing process along with the advanced treatment planning helps in constructing precision fit aligners that fit snugly over teeth, allowing predictable movements hence desired results.

Truly Invisible

As invisible as it can get, our Aligners guarantee maximum transparency which creates a truly unnoticeable treatment experience where the patient will be following treatment without affecting his/her appearance.

Stain Resitant

Experience the joy of coffee/tea without worrying about staining! Transparency is our primary objective and our stain resistant multilayer polyurethane plastic is engineered to maintain transparency through the entire treatment. Let your teeth shine through our crystal clear Aligners

FDA approved Material and Technology

  • Retention
  • Durability
  • Transparency

its that easy, convenient and efficient

Simplified Treatment Workflow starting from patient's scan to aligner treatment, designed to give complete control to Doctors over planning and designing the treatment.






Here to Assist

As a Doctor, you are changing lives everyday by transforming smiles, and we are here to assist you in this esteemed quest. Our 24/7 available, team of highly experienced orthodontists is here to assist and coach you on every step and achieve patient satisfaction and admirable results.

  • No Startup Fees, no hidden costs or inventory to buy.
  • Straightforward and simple sign up process to get you going and start your first case with Aligno in no time
  • Our team will not only assist you in the treatment process but also provide you with effective marketing strategy and on-going education to keep you one step ahead of your peers.

let’s break that ice

We are eager to work with you. Aligno is offering free digital treatment on first case submission. You know what’s the best part? PAY ONLY IF YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE TREATMENT PLAN!

  • Compatible with your Scanner(or PVS)

Our system uses an open platform, making it digitally compatible with most intraoral scanners or PVS impressions, so you can use your existing equipment for additional savings and a familiar workflow.









Largest Manufacturer of Clear Aligners in Pakistan

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